Heroes and Good Local News

Here you can find out about our local heroes and good local news!
Heroes, they are people who we admired, or idealized for having courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities and it is also how we see our local heroes.

Fire Department of Las Vegas

We have a tendency to take for granted the service of our local fire departments. These professionals work on a daily basis to give us the service and protection we expect. They are absolutely heroic in doing their jobs which includes literally risking their life and well-being in the protection of our property and our selves. We wish to extend our thanks for their exceptional service.

Police Department of Las Vegas

Our policemen are very much underappreciated, we all complain how bad they are when they give us a traffic citation. However those citations are done in order to protect our lives and property. We have a tendency to complain on how they handle their duties that we expect from them. These men and women of the police department put our safety and well-being first always before their own. They never know when they walk up to a car that they have stopped for a citation, if there is an unblanaced or dangerous indiviual in the car who is going to shoot them as they approach. Whenever they see a citizen in danger they immediately go to their aid. We would like to extend our extreme gratitude for their professional and unselfish service to all of us.